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制造及产能 Manufacturing Capabilities

Unparalleled quality is manufactured into every product that wears the KASCO name. For starters, we use the best fatigue-resistant, correctly-dimensioned, polished steel available to manufacturer every blade we produce. Teeth are precision ground, accurately set, and induction hardened for durability. Blades are then digitally inspected and statistically monitored for sharpness and consistency. Welds are so uniform in strength and structure that we unconditionally guarantee them. We individually wrap our meat cutting bands to assure safety and sanitation.


Our meat grinder plates start as high quality blanks from the best steel producers available. Holes are drilled using state of the art CNC controlled drill presses to ensure quality and consistent hole patterns. Grinder knives exceed industry standards for flatness, sharpness and durability.


tooth forming

Tooth Forming 锯齿制造

heat treating

Heat Treatment 热处理

blade inspection

Blade Inspection 锯带检测

KASCO - A "House of Lean"   精益生产

KASCO leads the industry in the use of Lean Manufacturing and total quality management systems. The "House of Lean" addresses all areas of manufacturing including Value Stream Mapping, Waste Elimination, Visual Management, Continuous Flow, Downstream & Upstream Processes, and Continuous Improvement. Lean Manufacturing reduces lead times and produces quality at the source, ultimately providing you the best quality products at the most competitive prices. Not only has KASCO's manufacturing sites at Matamoros and Wales embraced the principles of the "House of Lean" tools and techniques, so have all areas of KASCO. All departments have been trained in and utilize the principles of Lean, since it is just as applicable to the office, warehouse and all other work environments.

KASCO 引领行业并实行“精益生产”策略,采用精益生产和全面质量管理系统解决制造业领域的众多问题,包括价值流图,浪费消除,可视化管理,连续流,下游和上游供需,并持续改进方法提供更优方案。精益生产减少交货时间并提高产品品质,从源头上保证以最有竞争力的价格最终为您提供最优质的产品和超高性价比。 不仅KASCO在Matamoros和Wales的工厂遵循“精益生产屋”原则,KASCO各个办事处和部门也遵循这一原则。所有部门职员经过培训来遵循这一原则,同样精益化生产适用于办公室、仓库和其它一切工作环境。

 Look at the selection. Compare the quality. You'll see you can cut anything with bands from a company that's a cut above - KASCO!

参看选择,比较质量。您将会发现,KASCO 的产品不仅仅是切割!

blade tooth inspection

Blade Tooth Inspection 齿尖检测

flashbutt welding

Flashbutt Welding Processes 焊接工艺

grinder plate cleaning

Grinder Plate Drilling 铰盘钻孔