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肉类切割锯条 Meat Cutting Blades

KASCO meat cutting blades are made from quality materials to ensure sharpness and durability. These meat blades are engineered for specific cutting needs ranging from precision fish slicing to rigorous bone in meat cutting. All meat cutting band saw blades are designed to lower cutting costs by generating efficient cuts while producing less waste.

KASCO 的切肉锯条是由优质的材料制成,以确保其锋利度和耐久性。这些锯条的设计为专为切割从鱼肉和带骨肉的食材。所有带式锯条的设计初衷旨在降低客户生产时造成的浪费与提高客户效率从而达到产能增加。

KASCO will assist you throughout the purchasing process to make sure you select the best meat blades for your meat cutting applications. We also offer a complete line of replacement meat blades.

KASCO 将协助您的整个采购过程,以确保您能选择最好的肉类带式锯条。我们同时还提供了一个完整的带式锯条替代方案为客户选择。联系KASCO 营销代表来了解肉类带式锯条和其它切割产品。

Types 类型

 bone in blades meat cutting

All Purpose Blades 全功能型锯条
KASCO all purpose band blades are engineered for precision slicing and reliability.

KASCO 全功能带式锯条是专为精密切割和可靠性切割而设计的,适用于绝大多数产品的切割。

 meat cutting blades

Bone In Blades 锯骨专用锯条
KASCO bone in meat cutting blades are designed to slice through even the toughest of meats.

KASCO 锯骨锯条,专业切割切带骨肉类,如:牛仔骨。

25 inch butcher hand saw

Kam-Lok™ Butcher's Hand Saws & Replacement Blades 屠夫手工锯与对应可更换锯条
Our Kam-Lok butcher's hand saws feature comfortable pistol-grip handle made of non-porous plastic for easy cleanability and sanitary operation.


 carcass splitting blades

Carcass Splitting Saw Blades 整体劈半锯条
KASCO carcass splitting saws are made from quality materials to ensure durability and reliability.

KASCO 整体劈半锯由高品质材料制造,确保其持久耐用性和可靠性。

 fish cutting blades

Fish Cutting Blades 鱼切割锯条
KASCO fish band blades are designed to maximize cutting efficiency and minimize product waste.

KASCO 鱼片切割锯条的设计,以最大限度地提高切削效率和减少产品浪费。