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Over a Century of Manufacturing Excellence, Exceptional Service, and Supply Solutions.

For more than 110 years, KASCO has been the industry leader in providing metallic blade products for the meat cutting, food cutting, and wood cutting industries to the global market.


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制造和分销 Manufacturing and Distribution

KASCO has global manufacturing and warehouse operations in St. Louis, USA; Matamoros, Mexico; Wales, United Kingdom, and Pansdorf, Germany. KASCO has sales offices, warehouse locations, and employees in the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, and China. Sophisticated global purchasing, distribution, and logistics are utilized to manufacture, source, and deliver top quality products and services to customers locally.


The KASCO knowledgeable salesforce and friendly customer service staff also serve and support distribution markets for meat and food processing equipment, parts, and supplies.


Global distributor channels include North America, South America, Central America, Asia, the Caribbean, and Europe. The KASCO sister companies include Atlantic Service Company LTD (UK) and Bertram & Graf GmbH (Germany) and they offer extensive coverage of the European, Eastern European, and African markets.

全球分销商渠道包括北美、南美、中美、亚洲、澳洲、加勒比地区和欧洲。KASCO SharpTech兄弟公司包括大西洋服务有限公司(英国)和Bertram格拉夫(德国),我们的产品覆盖欧洲,东欧和非洲的广泛市场。

 创新 Innovation

mx plantKASCO's innovation and experience with supplying quality products and services is evidenced by our launch of WoodMaxx Band Saw Blades for the wood cutting industry. WoodMaxx Blades are premium quality band saw blades engineered, designed, and manufactured by KASCO for use on portable saw mills, resaws, and other thin-kerf wood cutting applications.


bread bladesAn even more recent example of our extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities is our new portfolio of reciprocating Bakery Bread Slicer Blades. In addition to traditional scallop edge bread slicer blades we developed our unique ABT Bread Slicer Blade designed specifically for producing clean, crumb-free slicing of artisan, crusty, dense, nutty breads.


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