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铰刀与铰盘 Meat Grinder Plates & Knives

Meat Grinder Plates & KnivesKASCO meat grinder plates and meat grinder knives are designed to minimize contact between the plate and knife, reducing heat and creating a cool cutting surface. This results in a fresher and more visually appealing product, which also extends product life. A sharp and long-lasting cutting surface helps produce consistent product and reduces waste from poorly cut and mashed meat.


KASCO is the premier supplier of meat grinder plates and knives. We carry the most respected brand names to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. We have over 110 years of experience with supplying our customers with innovative and world-class meat grinder plates and knives.

KASCO 是绞肉机铰刀铰盘的一流制造商。我们拥有最受尊敬的品牌,能确保质量和客户满意度。我们在提供世界级品质的绞肉机铰刀铰盘产品方面拥有超过110年的经验。

KASCO 铰刀与铰盘 Meat Grinder Plates and Knives:


Powermate 高速伴侣系列
Powermate meat grinder parts are ideal for all large volume meat grinding operations or high horsepower machinery.


 double cut thumb

Double-Cut 双刃系列
The Double-Cut meat grinder blades feature a thinner plate design, which produces cooler cutting and less meat spoilage.


 criteria thumb

Criteria 标准系列
Criteria meat grinder systems consist of one exceptionally durable plate and four knives total-mated to deliver quadruple cutting life.