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烘焙类专业分割刀具 Bakery & Bread Slicing Blades

Types of Bakery Slicer Blades 烘焙类分割刀具

Blade Craftsmanship 刀片工艺

BakeryBreadBladesKASCO bakery slicer blades are made with a commitment to quality and innovation. Our quality assurance procedure makes sure our cutting and slicing edges meet the strict standards, which makes KASCO a global symbol of dependability and service in the blade manufacturing industry. The intensive control measure that are integral to the production of our bread slicer blades include the examination of all incoming raw materials during every stage of production.

KASCO 烘焙类面包切片机刀片有着优质和创新的承诺。生产加工质量程序化机械化生产,确保我们的刀片边缘满足食品行业严格的标准,这使得KASCO 成为一个全球性的可靠性和服务的象征。密集的调控措施是我们生产的面包切片刀片不可或缺的,包括在生产的每一个环节^(对所有引进的原材料)进行检查。

Specialized Resources and Techniques: 专业的资源和技术:

  • Laboratory facilities screen raw materials to make sure only the highest quality products reach you.
  • Numerous in-line precision measuring instruments aid quality assurance.
  • Specialty-designed weld alignment inspection equipment ensures welds are unbreakable.

Our dedication to quality control is founded on the understanding that each operation is a vitally important link in the production of your bread slicer blades. That's why we're persistent with solving problems immediately. Our experience and innovation create flawless bakery slicer blades worthy of our commitment to quality.


bread blade endsRazor-Sharp Resources Razor-锋利来源

Our laboratory is fully equipped to examine and approve only the best materials for manufacturing our bakery slicer blades. Constant research and development is conducted to discover innovative ways to manufacture blades more efficiently. KASCO finds solutions to solve production problems and meet performance expectations.

我们的实验室设备齐全,可以满足使用最好的材料制造我们的烘焙类切片机刀片并通过审查和美国官方批准。实验室进行不断的研究和发展发现创新的方法来制造刀片及锯条。KASCO 找到解决方案,以解决生产中的问题,并达到预期性能。

Breakthroughs in production methods & product performance 生产方法及产品性能的突破:

  • Hardness and tensile testers precisely gauge band strength and toughness.
  • Detailed macro-examinations and engineering projection of dimensional and geometrical properties.
  • High-power optical micro-examination of structures and edge geometry to further define blade accuracy.
  • High-magnification/high-resolution electron microscope brings blade quality into sharper focus.


abt bread slicing bakery blades

Length Accuracy with Measurable Results 可衡量的精确尺寸

We recognize the fact that even the smallest variations in length can result in erratic blade tension and in irregular bread slices. That's why we guarantee that the length of our bread band set is carefully inspected and measured. It's just another example of how dedicated KASCO is to producing quality bread slicer blades for precision slicing.

我们认识到,即使是最小的长度的变化可能会导致不稳定的刀片紧度从而切出不规则的面包片。这就是为什么我们保证我们的面包刀锯的长度是经过精心检查和测量。这只是一个专用KASCO 生产优质面包切片机刀片的精密切割的例子。