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Pallet 系列木工带式锯条 Dismantler Blades

pallet dismantling bladesPalletMaxx Dismantler Blades are the result of 110 years of experience and the KASCO commitment to design and manufacture the best dismantler blades in the industry.

PalletMaxx系列木工锯条是110多年KASCO 的经验和承诺设计和制造,性能极佳。

PalletMaxx Dismantler Blades are designed for effective and efficient deck board separation using an aggressive engineered tooth form and set. Carbon steel PalletMaxx Dismantler Blades offer a low cost alternative to expensive bi-metal bands, especially on high-speed machines.


PalletMaxxExtensive research, testing, engineering, and innovative technologies make PalletMaxx the ideal pallet dismantling blade. PalletMaxx Dismantler Blades are currently available as 1-1/4" x .042" x 6 TPI. All PalletMaxx Dismantler Blades are backed by the professional service of KASCO fully trained technicians.

经过广泛的研究、试验、工程和创新技术,制造出PalletMaxx系列理想的木工带式锯条。PalletMaxx系列目前可提供1-1/4”×0.042”×6 TPI产品。所有PalletMaxx系列木工锯条的专业服务由KASCO 全面培训的技术人员的进行技术支持。