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整体劈半锯条 Carcass Splitting Saw Blades

carcass splitting meat blade saw

"Our carcass saw blades are made from quality materials to ensure usability and reliability."

KASCO carcass splitting saw blades are engineered to slice through even the toughest of meats. Made from quality materials to ensure usability and reliability, these blades are durable and long-lasting while providing a precise cut time after time.


The wider band saw blade adds strength and stability for accurate and straight splits. These blades are engineered to handle large volume jobs and deliver a punishing breaking operation. They also reduce downtime while breaking and quartering. KASCO carcass splitting saw blades come in a variety of sizes for specific uses.

更宽的带式锯条增加了强度和稳定性,保证准确的直线切割。这些锯条的设计目的是为了处理大量肉制品的切割操作,同时减少了停机时间。KASCO 为各种具体用途提供各种尺寸劈半带式锯条。

Carcass Splitting Saw Blade Sizes 整体劈半锯尺寸  
Width 宽度
Thickness 厚度
Teeth per Inch 每英寸的牙齿
Edge Type 边缘型
3/4" (16mm) 0.022" (0.55mm) 3T HP
3/4" (16mm) 0.025" (0.63mm) 3T HP
3/4" (19mm) 0.022" (0.55mm) 3T CSHP
3/4" (19mm) 0.022" (0.55mm) 4T CSHP
1" (25mm) 0.032" (0.80mm) 3T HP
1" (25mm) 0.035" (0.90mm) 3T HP

CSHP - Carcass splitter, hard tipped, precision ground.
HP - Hard tipped, precision ground.

CSHP - 劈半锯条,淬火,齿尖精准定位
HP - 淬火,精准定位