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标准系列 Criteria Meat Grinder Plates & Knives

四倍寿命的标准系列 The Total-Mated Meat Grinder System with Quadruple Cutting Life

KASCO presents the ideal solution for meat processing operations that need a balanced blend of quality performance, durability, and versatility. Criteria meat grinder systems consist of one exceptionally durable plate and four knives total-mated to deliver quadruple cutting life. These meat grinder plates and knives are affordable without sacrificing effectiveness and efficiency.


Criteria meat grinder plates and knives simplify and expedite meat grinding operations. The long-life and stain free plate is durable and long-lasting. When one knife wears out, simply replace it with another one of the four knives supplied in the system package.


There's no need to worry about mating, because the entire system is total-mated. In addition, the blades wear sharp for the smooth and clean cut that produces superior visual appearance and case life. The KASCO Criteria meat grinder plates and knives can be used for any retail grinding operation.

请不要担心该系统的匹配性问题,因为整个系统是相互匹配的。此外,铰刀的锋利有利于急剧而准确切割,具有优越的视觉外观。KASCO 标准系列刀可以用于常规绞肉机系统。

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