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双刃系列 Double Cut Meat Grinder Plates & Knives

Double Cut Meat Grinder Plates and Knives 双刃系列

double cut grinder blades plates knivesThe KASCO Double-Cut meat grinder plates and knives have been proven by years of satisfied customer use. This self-sharpening meat grinder system is the most advanced of its kind in the industry. One primary feature is a thinner plate design, which produces cooler cutting and less meat spoilage. The super-sharp knives cut meat into appealing strands without smashing it. This allows your meat products to last longer and extends shelf life.

KASCO 的双刃系列铰刀铰盘经过多年已被证明完全满足客户的使用需求。双刃系统是行业内先进的设计:一个主要特性是薄板设计,这可以切出更好的切面和减少肉类损失。超级锋利的刀刃可以将肉品切出良好的切面却不损坏肉质本身。这将使您的肉类产品保质期更长,色泽自然。

Double Cut Meat Grinder Plates 双刃系列绞盘

Double Cut meat grinder plates are thinner which produces cooler cutting with less spoilage. Double Cut plates start as high quality steel blanks then precision drilled. Both faces are then machined to exact flatness.


Double Cut Grinder Knives 双刃系列铰刀

The double-cut knives give added strength over insert type knives and permit a much easier and thorough cleaning compared to bars attached with screws or rivets. Since these are solid knives, they inhibit bacteria formation and promote a more sanitary operation. This reduces the amount of wasted meat due to sanitation issues.


Double Cut System 双刃系统

The double-cut meat grinder blade system consists of one reversible double-cut grinder plate packaged with two perfectly matched knives, which have been color coded for proper mating of the cutting surfaces. First, the "red dot" surfaces are used and when they become dull after months of hard cutting, the knife is discarded and the grinder plates are turned over. The second knife is then put into position for several more months of sharp cutting, after which both knife and plate are discarded.


Doublecut Chart